Thursday, 16 May 2013

Oak Trees offer a home to over 300 species of different life forms

Oak trees are a keystone species and are extremely important to Britain’s ecosystem.  In some places oak trees would be supporting up to 300 different life forms.  New ways of dealing with these and cedar trees have been introduced.  Now, instead of cutting off dead wood at the junction of the branch with the trunk, we are cutting it off further along the branch.  There are many advantages, main ones being that there is more substantial dead wood which won’t fall off the tree and environmentally we are still leaving ‘homes’ for the many hundreds of wildlife that thrive in the tree.  At SW Tree Surgery we understand the careful balance that needs to be maintained, call us on 01827 383888 or visit

Monday, 13 May 2013

Crowning Glory!

The crown of a tree is the branches, leaves and reproductive structures extending from the trunk.  Some of the services we offer are: crown cleaning, reduction, lifting and thinning.  Crown Cleaning is when we prune out dead, diseased, dying & defect branches from a tree.  Crown Reduction is reducing the overall size of the tree crown by carefully pruning back the length of splayed and heavy branches.  Crown Lifting, is also known as raising, and is when we remove the lowest branches on the tree canopy.  Crown Thinning is when we prune out branches that are crossing or rubbing as well as small and secondary branches to allow light to pass through the tree or to help relieve the stress placed on heavier branches.

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Your Town Needs More Trees

Your Town Needs More Trees – The woodland Trust has issued a document identifying and illustrating the importance of our urban tree population for water quality and control.  Trees play an important part in water management including a contribution to alleviating floods and safeguarding the quality of our water.  It stresses that individuals and businesses can be instrumental in improving local water quality.  The report contains amazing evidence about how tree planting can improve and protect the quality of water in urban areas by intercepting heavy rainfall, trapping pollutants, and reducing the risk of flooding by absorbing excess surface water. 

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Contractors Wanted

Contractors Wanted - Climbers, Ground Workers and Felling Operatives – we are always keen to develop our list of subcontractors – please contact us for an initial conversation if you have all your appropriate certificates (all relevant NPT certificates) and your UTR number.

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