Monday, 13 May 2013

Crowning Glory!

The crown of a tree is the branches, leaves and reproductive structures extending from the trunk.  Some of the services we offer are: crown cleaning, reduction, lifting and thinning.  Crown Cleaning is when we prune out dead, diseased, dying & defect branches from a tree.  Crown Reduction is reducing the overall size of the tree crown by carefully pruning back the length of splayed and heavy branches.  Crown Lifting, is also known as raising, and is when we remove the lowest branches on the tree canopy.  Crown Thinning is when we prune out branches that are crossing or rubbing as well as small and secondary branches to allow light to pass through the tree or to help relieve the stress placed on heavier branches.

These processes require skill and experience, something we have lots of!  Give us a call on 01827 383888 or visit

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